Activities and Events

One of the most important aims of Oakhouse Homecare ltd. is to provide service users at all of our venues with plenty of opportunities to remain active members of our communities. Our care teams, volunteers and dedicated activity coordinators always strive to provide a variety of stimulating activities, entertainments and outings.


Regular newsletters and flyers provide ample material to keep both service users and visitors informed about any special events throughout the year. We celebrate all major public holidays and aim to provide special programmes and menus for national events like Red Nose Day or sports finals.

We are always eager to receive input from service users, and readily take their wishes into consideration. One recent outing, for instance, involved a few lively games of pool at a local public house following the suggestion of one of our residents. Examples of other outings include visits to local theatres, garden centres and regular events such as the Yaxley Festival, Sawtry Feast or 1940s Weekend in Holme. The families of service users are more than welcome to come along and join any of our outings or activities.DSCI2343

To raise money for the resident comfort fund we periodically hold special fund-raising events such as barbecues, Christmas fairs and tombolas. This comfort enables us to buy individual Christmas and birthday presents for our service users as well as pay for activities, bingo prizes and day-trips.

All of our residents are also welcome to visit our Daycentre and take part in any of the available entertainment and games.